Norway 2016

In August 2016 we drove for about 3 weeks with our Land Rover Defender through South-Norway. It was our very first journey with this type of traveling and with this type of camper.


The only thing we booked beforehand was the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway. So we could stay spontaneous.


I marked a few places of interest on a map, which we wanted to see. Everything else came while driving.

The Arrival

From Europe you can reach Norway by landway or by seaway. Overland goes through Denmark over a few bridges, which you have to pay for. We chose the seaway with the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway. It cost's about 100€ per way. 

Tariff regulations can be found at


But before we could drive through Norways fjords we had to go for 730km of highway through Germany. Driving fast is not the best to do in a Defender, but that's ok.

We started in the evening at 20:00 and reached Hirtshals at 10:00 in the morning.

No, it did not took us 14 hours for about 700km, but we had a sleeping-break short after we reached Denmark.


The sun was shining and the shipment went fast and without any problems. The ferry started at 12:15 and hat 15:30 we where already in Norway.

We spent our first night at "Reiarsfossen Camping" (58.94257°N, 7.69099°O). The place has its name from the waterfall just on the other side of the street.

There was not much going on, so we went to bed early to be fit for the next day.


On the next day our way guides us to the "Lysefjord", where one of Norway's attractions can be found: the "Prejkestolen". We enjoy the slow driving through Norway's Landscape, come through a lot of fjords and see some waterfalls.

At "Prejkestolen Camping" a sign in the entrance already said: "full". Anyway, we tried our luck and after some search we found a nice spot direct to the river.

On the next morning we started our hike to the "Prejkestolen". In peak-season you should go quit early, otherwise there are masses of people and it's very full.

It took us about 2 hours to get the way up and the view was worth it.


Langfoss (59.84676°N, 6.34128°O)

Latefoss (59.94801°N, 6.58366°O)

Odda - Kinsarvik

View to the Glacier at Odda

Glacier "Buarbreen"

From the parking area of the "Buarbreen" (60.04460°N, 6.47498°O) it's about 2 hours to the glacier. The way is along small creeks, small & big rocks, partial with ropes for support while climbing.

In the evening we stayed at a camping area in Kinsarvik, with a space direct to the sea.

We enyoyed the sunset and where exited for the next day.

View from our Campsite

The "Nigardsbreen" (61.67163°N, 7.23562°O) was the second glacier at our tour. The weather was perfect so that we could enjoy the hike, great views and took some nice shots.

Ice Blue: Glacier "Nigardsbreen"


The "Jotunenheim" national park was the next destination on our journey. Driving through the "Land of the Giant's" to Lom. Norway's highest mountains can be found in this national park, so came the name.

As i wanted to drive a bit "offroad", i was always searching for a good possibility. We drove over an earth road to an alpine hut, in the middle of "Jotunenheim". Although the track could have been driven by a Porsche, it was much fun.

"Land of the Giant's"

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

A few kilometers further we had our next highlight, the: "Gamle Strynefjellsvegen" (61.954471°N, 7.342874°O).

It is an old mountain pass, which has been redeemed by a tunnel.

This track, also an earth road, is highly recommended by me. We were lucky with the weather and could take some great shots.

Interesting: All pictures lay about 10 minutes of driving from each other. From sun into snow.


Short time after the mountain pass we came to "Geirangerfjord". It is quit nice there, but lots of people being carried by busses ruin this place for us. We just take some photos and go on driving.